Mavis Applebee and Myrtle McGillicurdle will come to your hometown rec center, hotel, church or bar to present the most valuable seminar of your life. That's right ... The only one you'll ever need.... A relationship seminar!


These two special ladies will fix relationships with husbands, wives, cars, food, bosses, relatives, can openers ... You name it! And yes, sometimes they'll show you how to dole out the tough love, like squirting your husband with a bottle of water if he goes to the fridge for one more hot dog.


Listen and learn as Myrtle explains how to deal with difficult feelings in that chart topper, Stuff It. Then commiserate with Mavis while she sings about her favorite obsession in French Fry on the Floorboard!


Now, once in a while, Myrtle's insane boss, DeeAndra Joneford stalks them and tries to take over the seminar in a drunken stupor, but she is expertly handled by Myrtle, proving once again that the best way to have a great relationship is to control the other person.


Thru the course of the seminar, Mavis and Myrtle do a lot of healing (mostly on themselves) when they work thru the trauma of their childhoods with neglectful, druggie parents. Be amazed as they channel their opera diva mothers in a show stopping operatic fight scene!


This delightful romp can be molded to fit any venue and any group from church goers to barfies alike!


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