Arizona Daily Star

Advice delivered with tongue firmly in cheek!... Country Gravy is a musical

hoot!... If you love gorgeous singing, over-the-top characters, laughter and

out-and-out silliness, this is for you!



Tucson Weekly

#1 PICK OF THE WEEK ...move over Dr. Phil..



The Shreveport Times

A weekend of theatrical Southern culinary favorites.  Theater foodies in our

community who prefer Southern cuisine can feast on "Country Gravy and

Other Obsessions"!



The Sanford Herald

“Country Gravy” served at Temple - with side of silliness!



Broadway World

" will be charmed by these two unforgettable characters."




Houston Chronicle

"Their amazing show will have you laughing until you cry and hooting and hollering until your throat is raw."




Houston Free Press

"This show is a fun romp, and it offers a chance to see two of Houston's most beloved actors at their funniest."




Buzz Bellmont

"Julia Laskowski and Patti Rabaza, two of the funniest women and most brilliant song stylists and comedy writers in town."




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