What is the Country Gravy Plan


With all the great response we received in Texas, we decided it would be great to share what we created in Houston with the rest of the country.  In 2015/16 we are launching a National Tour of Country Gravy and Other Obsessions.

In preparation of the National Tour, we are setting out on a small Developmental Tour in the Summer and Fall of 2015.  The purpose of the tour is to perform in a variety of cities and use those audiences to really focus on creating the best show.  Between June and November of 2014, we are in the process of booking 6 different cities through out the southern states.  We will have 5 to 20 performances in front of their audiences to really focus on developing the show.

When we finish the Developmental Tour in November 2014, we will be fully prepared to take our show to the APAP conference in New York City and begin booking the 2015/16 tour.


How you can help Country Gravy


The reality is that this costs money, even with a bare bones budget.  Because we are attempting to revamp the production during this developmental phase, there are expenses that we need to cover that will not be covered by the individual productions of the tour:


Total Fundraising Need: $10,800

Pre-production/Technical $3600

Administrative $7200


Some specific needs (included in the above costs):


Lighting Design and Equipment - $1000

Scenic Design and Scenic Build - $1000

Costume Design and Wardrobe - $700

Sound Equipment/Microphones - $900


Insurance - $3000 ($500 per city)

Transportation/Production Vehicle - $1200 ($200 per city)

Marketing - $3000 ($500 per city)


What is in it for you?

While the greatest thing you come away with is the feeling of being a part of the theatrical experience and knowing you helped make it possible, we want to show our appreciation by offering you something more.  Please refer to the contribution levels on the right.


We also look forward to the possibility of meeting up with you as we travel across the country.  Keep on the look out for our touring schedule for both the Developmental Tour of 2014 and the National Tour of 2015/16.


Other Ways You Can Help

Along with your monetary support, we would love to have you spread the word about Country Gravy and Other Obsessions with your friends.






Thank you. We wholeheartedly appreciate this token of encouragement.




*You will be listed in a SPECIAL THANKS in the program of the 2014 Developmental Tour.



House Manager

*You will receive all of the above PLUS: *You will receive a personalized signed autograph photo from Mavis & Myrtle.



Backstage Crew

*You will receive all of the above PLUS: *You will receive a post card from Mavis & Myrtle at each destination stop on the Developmental Tour of 2014.



Music Director

*You will receive all of the above PLUS: *You will receive a COUNTRY GRAVY STRESS BALL to help with your therapy.




*You will receive all of the above PLUS: *You will receive a COUNTRY GRAVY RECIPE BOOK filled with Mavis and Myrtle's favorite recipes.




*You will receive all of the above PLUS: *Mavis & Myrtle will write and record you your own inspirational song.




Theater Owner

 *You will receive all of the above PLUS: *Mavis & Myrtle will come to your home for your own 2 hour private therapy session along with some southern yummy edibles.



Support by Mail


Make Payments payable to:

All The Way Around (in the memo designate - Country Gravy and Other Obsessions)


Mail to:

All The Way Around, LLC

c/o Scott DelaCruz

35 Fort Washington Ave  #2B

New York, NY  10032



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